STREAX HAIR SERUM WITH WALNUT OIL REVIEW:-  Welcome to my blog. today i want to share my thoughts on the Streax Hair serum with Walnut Oil. We use hair serum to detangle our hair. Hair serums also provide a shine to your frizzy dry and dull looking hair.  A hair serum is primarily a liquid. They are made up of silicon based silicon based content, amino acids and ceramides. It is the silicon content that acts as a mask or plastic wrap on the scalp. It is always important to use hair serum after hair wash. It helps to detangle our hair gently and also gives a shine to our dull looking hair. Although it is very important to chose the right serum for your hair depending on your hair type. So now I'll give my review on this product whether it is a hit or miss.
hair serum
streax hair serum

CLAIMS OF THE PRODUCT:-   The product claims to be enriched with natural walnut oil to nourish the hair and enhance its smoothness keeping hair shiny and manageable all day.

PACKAGING OF THE PRODUCT:-   The Streax Hair Serum With Walnut Oil comes in a golden pump bottle. Each time you need to pump the bottle to get the exact amount of the product to be used on your hair.


  1. Cyclopentasiloxane
  2. Dimethiconol
  3. Light liquid paraffin
  4. Isopropyl Myristate
  5. Octyl Methoxycinnamale
  6. Walnut oil
  7. Almond oil
  8. Vitamin E
  9. Perfume

TEXTURE OF THE PRODUCT:-   The texture of this product is similar to water. The consistency of the serum is very smooth spreads on hair very easily. I have straight hair plus frizzy. I have tried many hair serums available in the market. this one works far better. After shampooing your hair with conditioner you need to apply it on your damp and towel dried hair.

HOW TO USE:-  I shampoo my hair then towel dry my hair before applying serum. So, Work a small amount of the serum in the palm of the hands and apply evenly through damp hair. Re-apply anytime of the day for added shine & frizz free hair.

PRICE OF THE PRODUCT:-   The serum retails for 199 INR for 100 ml. Its shell life is 3 years.

Since my hair is very dry and frizzy i need to use hair serum every single day. Literally i cannot survive without hair serum. My hair is so much addicted to serums. I have used serums from many other brands. What i felt unique about this serum is it detangles my hair within minutes. I shampoo my hair with conditioner and then towel dry my hair, then i use serum on the hairs avoiding the scalp. My hair feels so soft like never before. i like to run my fingers through my hair throughout the day. I can say that this hair serum is far better than other serums available in the market quality wise and also price wise. I have not used it on dried hairs so i cannot exactly say how it works on dried hair. I use it on damp towel dried or blow dried hairs and then wait for my hair to dry then i run the comb through my hair. This process works pretty well for me. And I also feel that this method works the best.

  1. It makes my hair soft within minutes.
  2. Makes my hair frizz free
  3. Adds shine to my dull damaged hair
  4. Pocket friendly if price is considered and the amount we get
  5. Easily available

  1. Contains paraffin and other chemicals.
  2. Smell can bother a bit
Overall this product has worked for me very well to get rid of my frizzy and dull hair. I have very dry hair so it does pretty good job to help me resolve the issue of dryness in my hair. The quantity they offer is quite sufficient atlleast for me it lasts upto long long time. Hair serums play an important role when it comes to hair care. I personally feel that to combat with the day to day problem of excessive pollution hair serums are must for hair care. You cannot skip hair serums if you love your hair!! So I will definitely repurchase it again after this bottle gets over! I will rate it 3.5/5.
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