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NIVEA OIL-IN-LOTION COCOA NOURISH BODY LOTION REVIEW: Today I am going to give my review on one more body lotion the Nivea Oil-In-Lotion Cocoa Nourish body lotion.  It is a new launch from Nivea, but “oil in a lotion,” I am sure it will take care of my skin troubles.This product claims to be suitable for very dry skin and tends to give a long lasting nourishment. It contains the unique blend of Cocoa Butter & Coconut oil. The bottle that I have purchased is the 400 ml bottle which retails for 369 INR. It has shelf life of 3 years. Since it claims to repair the very dry skin I picked up the bottle because i have very dry skin. And in winters I need to take special care of my skin. okay so lets start with the review.

The Nivea Oil-In-Lotion retails for 369 INR for 400 ml. Its shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

PACKAGING OF THE PRODUCT: The product has a very decent packaging. It is a blue coloured bottle with a spray cap. You need to twist the cap and press down to get the product. I personally feel that this cap is very comfortable to use and also hassle free. A 400 ml bottle will surely last you for 1 year perfectly since it does for me.

TEXTURE OF THE PRODUCT: This new-age body lotion has the goodness of natural oils and a fast absorbing lotion formula that provides deep nourishment for your skin while keeping it soft and smooth all day long. Enriched with coconut oil and Cocoa butter, it provides deep moisture and smoothes away dullness.
  • The formula with hydra-IQ, reactivates your skin’s own moisture network to give 24 hour moisturisation with just one use.
              Like the products claims to contain oil in lotion it really does. After application you will feel the hint of oil in the lotion. The smell oh my god!! I just love it. Its kind of chocolaty and cocoa flavour and every time I apply it i feel to eat it up. Trust me !! It is actually that tasty smell. It feels supple on my skin. Sometimes I also apply at night before bed to feel the smell while sleeping and in the morning my skin feels so soft so supple that i fall in love with the lotion every time.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH NIVEA-OIL-IN LOTION COCOA NOURISH:The lotion comes in a white opaque plastic bottle with a navy blue flip-to-open cap. The cap closes firmly to prevent any spillage. The shape of the bottle is like a milk bottle that one used to get in the olden days.  The lotion smells strongly of coconut. It has a very sweet smell which lasts for at least an hour or so.he lotion is white in colour and is thick and creamy. It spreads very easily on the skin. The lotion is extremely absorbing. Once you spread, it immediately gets absorbed into the skin.  It does not leave behind any greasiness. No oiliness is seen even immediately after applying the lotion, it absorbs that quickly. Now the main question – does it provide long-lasting nourishment? I will say yes. It nourishes the skin for at least for 24 hours. I do not need to moisturize my skin in between at all. The skin stays soft and supple for at least a day.

  • You need a very small amount to moisturize your skin
  • It gets absorbed very quickly
  • Smells heavenly and you will fall in love with the smell everytime


  • It contains parabens
Overall this is very very nice product. This is my second bottle. There are so many cocoa butter lotions available in the market but I fell in love with this one only especially for the smell and the wonder it does for my skin. For me the I will rate the product 4.5/5.
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